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18th MyPSA NoGAPS 2023

MyPSA National Gathering of Pharmacy Students


The MyPSA National Gathering of Pharmacy Students (NoGAPS) was organised by IMU Pharmacy Students’ Association (IPSA) as a four-day physical event held on 10th August until 13th August 2023. The event comprised of Team Building activities, Workshops, Symposium, Public Health Campaign Challenge & Gala Night.


Day 1 started with an Ice Breaking session among participants and continued with Team Building 1 in groupings.



Ice Breaking Session


Team Building 1


An opening ceremony was held on the Day 2 to officiate 18th MyPSA NoGAPS. First workshop is held afterwards, under the topic ‘Social Media: The Key to Modern Pharmaceutical Marketing and Branding’ delivered by Mr Hiew Kai Ming. The Symposium was held to discuss ‘The Future of the Pharmacy Profession’. It gathers four pharmacy professionals; Mr Choy Mun Pung, AP Dr Mai Chun Wai, AP Dr Wong Pei Se and Mr Tiew Wah Peng. To close the second day, Team Building 2 was continued at night.

Workshop 1 


Team Building 2


Day 3 kickstarted with Public Health Campaign Challenge, as a platform for local societies to present their public health campaigns and share the valuable experiences to all NoGAPS participants. 'Best Public Health Campaign Award' is won by SEGi University, meanwhile Universiti Malaya was announced as winner of 'Dracula Award' for Local Vampire Cup 2023 as they collected highest number of blood bags. Three of the excellent presenters were awarded with 'Best Presenter Award', they are Santdya A/P Vijaya Kumar from University of Cyberjaya, Ooi Qiao Ying from SEGi University and Goh Xin Yi from Universiti Malaya.

Afterwards, Workshop 2 was delivered by Mr David Ong Cherk Yong about the topic ‘Implementation of Design Thinking in the Healthcare System’. During the night, participants enjoyed their moments together at Gala Night.

Public Health Campaign Challenge (PHCC)


Gala Night


We extend a big gratitude to all invited speakers and organising committees for succeeding this event. We hope that the participants are able to establish meaningful connections with pharmacy students from different universities.