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2nd MyPSA NPC 2022

MyPSA National Pharmacy Competition


Pharmaceutical Society of AIMST (PharmSA) has organized two challenges for this event which were Piala Aishah Compounding Challenge (PA) and Pharmacy Quiz Challenge (QC) in collaboration with Cyberjaya University Pharmacy Students’ Society (CUPSS) who organized Clinical Pharmacy Challenge (CC) in the year of 2022. The theme this year was 'Redefining Excellence: Reaching Beyond Boundaries', which was set together by the University of Cyberjaya and AIMST University. The tagline of the event is 'Be an Endless Learner, Be a RX Saviour'.



PA is an online-based competition that provides a platform for the Bachelor of Pharmacy students throughout Malaysia to compete healthily and demonstrate students’ level of competence in compounding and clinical knowledge. This competition covered the topic of extemporaneous preparations that include solid, semi-solid, or liquid dosage forms. The participants were assessed with three distinctive rounds which include 50 Multiple Choices Questions (Preliminary Round), Four (4) Oral-based Short Answer Questions (Semi-Final Round). For Final Round, there were two rounds, Four (4) Oral-based Short Answer Questions (Final Round 1) and One (1) case study presentation (Final Round 2).


In this competition, there were 3 stages which are preliminary round, semi-final round and final round. The preliminary round was 50 randomized Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). For semi-final round, the teams were asked 8 oral-based Short Answer Questions (SAQ). The succeeded teams will proceed to the final round which were further divided into two rounds. Final Round 1 was 8 oral-based Short Answer Questions (SAQ) and subsequently to the Final Round 2 which was also 8 oral-based Short Answer Question (SAQ).


The questions provided cover the topics of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Applied Pharmacotherapeutics and Clinical Pharmacokinetics.

The Clinical Pharmacy Challenge consisted of three (3) main rounds: in Qualifying Round 1, there were 20 Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) and two Short Answer Question (SAQ) written test within an hour. MCQs was marked by the proctors and will be counterchecked by different proctors, whereas SAQs was be marked by the lecturers.

In Qualifying Round 2, the teams were faced with Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE). The OSCE consisted of three different stations making up a stream: (1) Prescription Screening, (b) Medication or Device Counselling and (c) Ward Simulation. Each station was marked by the respective examiners.

For Final Round, a total of four teams were each given a different case study for presentation. After 1 hour of preparation, each team will have 30 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes Q&A session via Zoom which was evaluated by professional judges.


The Piala Aishah Compounding Challenge were held on 9th and 17th April. Each group consists of 2 participants with 1 reserve participant. Five judges were invited to evaluate the 3rd round of the competition. On the event day, all teams were assigned accordingly to Zoom breakout room which is monitored by a proctor. The event briefing for the participants were also conducted to ensure all of them completely understand the flow of the event.

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The top three (3) winners for Piala Aishah in ascending order were Taylor’s Team 1, USM Team 2 and USM Team 1.

pa 1


The Pharmacy Quiz Challenge was held on 16th April for Preliminary Round & Semi-Final Round and 17th April for Final Round. Each group consists of four participants. Four judges were invited to evaluate Semi Final Round and Final Round of the competition. On the event day, all teams were assigned accordingly to two Zoom breakout room, with each room monitored by an observer. The respective judges will evaluate semi-final and final rounds.

qc 1
qc 2
qc 3

Top 3 teams for final round in ascending order were IMU Team 1, Taylor’s Team 1 and UoC Team 2.

Hence, the Grand Prize winner goes to IMU Team 1.

qc 4


The Clinical Pharmacy Challenge was held on 2nd April for Qualifying Round 1 & Qualifying Round 2 and on 3rd April for Final Round. Each team constituting three participants and one reserve participant.

The competition started with opening ceremony and brief introduction to participants regarding the rules and regulations of the competition in each round. All OSCE format as well as proctoring method has been applied in this competition. The Final Round was held at Zoom with evaluation from three professional judges.

cc 3
cc 2

The top three (3) winners of the Final Round were as follows: Taylor's Team 1, Taylor's Team 2 and IMU Team 1.
Hence, AIMST Team 1 was the champion of Clinical Pharmacy Challenge 2023.

cc 5

Closing Ceremony


The grand winner for the 2nd MyPSA National Pharmacy Competition (NPC) 2022 is Taylor’s University Pharmacy Student’s Society (TUPSS)!