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MyPSA Qualifying Examination to Practice Pharmacy Workshop

The Qualifying Examination to Practice Pharmacy is an essential step that aspiring pharmacists in Malaysia must undertake before they can become registered pharmacists with the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia (PBM).

To support pharmacy students in their journey towards successfully passing the qualifying examination, a workshop has been organized with the specific aim of aiding them in their preparation. The primary objective of this workshop is to equip pharmacy students with the knowledge, skills, and resources required to perform well in the examination and ensure their readiness to enter the field of pharmacy as registered professionals.

The workshop provides a comprehensive platform where students can engage in intensive learning activities with expert instructors, who are experienced in the field of pharmacy and well-versed in the requirements of the qualifying examination. This includes lectures, practical demonstrations, interactive sessions, and mock examinations. These components of the workshop are designed to enhance the students' understanding of the examination content, familiarize them with the examination format, and improve their ability to effectively respond to different types of questions.