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6th MyPSA NPDC 2020

MyPSA National Pharmacy Debate Competition

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6th MyPSA National Pharmacy Debate Competition was organised by IMU Pharmacy Students’ Association (IPSA) and the movement restriction order (MCO) by gov caused the planning to be conducted virtually. The style employed by MyPSA NPDC is Asian Parliamentary (AP) debate style. The format is by 3 rounds of preliminary. Round 1 is a random match. For Round 2, the debaters with one win, the 1-0s, will debate with other 1-0s. Debaters with zero wins, the 0-1s, will debate with other 0-1s. After two debates, the 2-0s debate with the 2-0s, while the 1-1s debate with the 1-1s etc. The opponents in Round 2 and 3 is determined by scores ranking from previous Round using High/Low matching system.

Top 4 teams after 3 Rounds will advance through semi-final, and winners will compete in grand finale. Motion will be released before the debate starts on the day itself. Every competition will be judged and given scores by invited professional adjudicators. The registration opened in two phases, from 7th – 21st August (Phase 1) until 28th August – 11th September (Phase 2). 11 teams have registered and since the number of teams is not even, we have sourced swing team with the help of one of our adjudicators.

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Opening Ceremony

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Preliminary Round 1

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Preliminary Round 2

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Preliminary Round 3

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Semi Final

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Champion: Team IIUM
Runner Up: Team QUEST 2
Best Final Speaker: Muhammad Alif Zahid Bin Ishak (IIUM)

Champion: Team IIUM

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Top 10 Speakers

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Greatest thanks to all participants, adjudicators and supportive audiences.
We hope you had fun watching the live debate as much as we enjoyed organized it. Thank you!

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