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7th MyPSA NPDC 2021

MyPSA National Pharmacy Debate Competition

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7th MyPSA National Pharmacy Debate Competition (NPDC) 2021 was organised by Quest Pharmacy Students’ Society (QPSS), QIU from 23rd to 26th September 2021. The competition mechanism was based on the Asian Parliamentary style 3 versus 3. There were three preliminary rounds, one semi-final round as well as a grand final round. Both government and opposition teams were assigned to their respective breakout rooms 1 hour 10 minutes prior to their debate session for preparation. The allocated time for each team to prepare for their debate was 1 hour. After 1 hour, both teams had to enter the main room, including adjudicators, and moderator would start the session once everyone was ready.

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Opening Ceremony

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Preliminary Round 1

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Preliminary Round 2

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Preliminary Round 3

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Semi Final

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Closing Ceremony

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MyPSA NPDC team would like to extend our warmest congratulation to the
UKM Team for being the champion,
Taylor's Team 2 for being the 1st runner up,
Mr. Tee Hung Piao for being the best final speaker,
and all the top 10 speakers in this competition!

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