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is the abbreviation for Malaysian Pharmacy Students' Association.


MyPSA is a national pharmacy student association for that brings together all form of force, collaboration and idea to be executed by whole committee of pharmacy students in Malaysia.


Our mission is to offer future PHARMACIST a comprehensive introduction to global health issues through our programmes and opportunities, we develop culturally sensitive pharmacy students of HEALTH especially drugs information, intent on influencing the transnational inequalities.


To provide an opportunity and forum to discuss any concern and problems experienced by pharmacy students with the pharmacy community.

To reinforce the role, communication and position of pharmacy students in Malaysia.

To reorganize and realign the pharmacy students activities in Malaysia so that the input obtained by students and the output gained by the community is consistent to retain the membership of pharmacy students.

To promote participation of representatives from pharmacy students in MPS meetings.

To globalize activities done by pharmacy students of Malaysia.

To simplify the implementation process of activities in a more systematic way at international level.

To retain the membership of pharmacy students gradually in the Malaysian Pharmacists Society (MPS).

To strengthen the relationship between pharmacy students and the pharmacy community (e.g. MPS, pharmacy industry, and public sector of pharmacy).

MyPSA Constitution

Look deeper into the established rules and principles that govern the organization. Written every rights and power that bind the members and shape its' identity.