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Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium

IPSF Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS) is organised by IPSF annually , which involves pharmacy students in a global platform throughout the Asia Pacific region. Each year, a different country is chosen as the host for this international event. From this, pharmacy students from all around asia pacific region could learn about the diversities and cultures of the countries that they visit for this symposium.

Exciting programs & workshops awaits you, which allows you to share and exchange ideas and the latest findings in the pharmaceutical world among your peers as well as to improve your pharmacy skills in preparation for your practice in the healthcare workforce. Some of the common activities done in APPS are as including educational symposium, workshops, cultural night, international night, public health campaign, gala night and many more.

APPS guarantees the participants a very wonderful, exciting and beneficial time during the time of the event. MyPSA would like to highly encourage the Malaysian pharmacy students to take up this chance and experience this international event first hand.