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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to MyPSA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

1. What are MyPSA President's main jobscopes?

  • Determining the direction of MyPSA for the 2021/22 tenure whilst guiding all committees to work towards the same direction.
  • Improving Executive Officers portfolio and source for collaborative opportunities for the benefit of both the association and members.
  • Acting as the official liaison of MyPSA with external parties and representing Malaysia pharmacy students nationally, regionally and internationally.

2. Is MyPSA Vice President I required to organize any event?

Yes, MyPSA VPI has an essential role in maintaining healthy working environment within MyPSA National Councils therefore annual internal event are to be conducted under MyPSA VPI. Other main job scopes of Vice President 1 include:

  • Supervising officers under the Vice President I Team (Professional Development Officer, Multimedia Officer, Publication Officer and Entrepreneurship Officer).
  • Direct overseeing the organising of MyPSA Metamorphosis and all 5 MyPSA National Events
  • Organising CP Training and MB Bonding Session from 20 local societies.
  • Promoting good internal relation and organise ExCo Bonding Day
  • Chairperson of MyPSA Awards and MyPSA Top University Participant Award .
  • Aiding the President in monitoring the MyPSA Internal Progress

3. What are MyPSA Vice President II's main jobscopes?

  • Public Relation Officer of MyPSA.
  • IPSF Contact Person.
  • Supervising Officers under the Vice President II Team (Education Officer, Public Health Officer, Student Exchange Officer, Networking Officer).
  • Attend all IPSF and IPSF APRO meetings.
  • Attend IPSF General Assembly and IPSF APRO Regional Assembly with President and Student Exchange Officer.
  • Official delegate of MyPSA in the World Congress and Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium,
  • Aid the President in external collaborations.

4. What are MyPSA Secretary General's main jobscopes?

  • Organizing General Meetings including the: Annual General Meeting (AGM), Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and Special General Meeting (SGM).
  • Facilitating the appointment of ExCos and the recruitment of Subcommittees.
  • Conducting ExCo & SC KPI survey.
  • Advising all ExCos about administrative and constitutional issues.
  • Reviewing and approving emails sent by ExCos before dissemination.
  • Preparing templates, standardization, and maintain backups of all Official Documents under all ExCos.

5. What are MyPSA Secretary II's main jobscopes?

  • Handling MyPSA membership registration & MyPSA Fresh Graduate Membership.
  • Managing MyPSA membership database, statistics & coverage.
  • Organising MyPSA Promotional Tour.
  • Updating academic calendar & mainboard details of local society.
  • Handling MyPSA Best Contact Person Award.
  • Creating MyPSA Monthly Newsletter.
  • Handling printing & postage of physical certs for Excos’ events.

6. What are MyPSA Treasurer's main jobscopes?

  • Handling day to day MyPSA treasury related matters such as recording the transactions occurred, handling reimbursements and issuing receipts.
  • Reviewing budgets and prepare a financial summary for the entire tenure to avoid deficits and overspending.
  • Introducing and amending MyPSA Constitution or SOP related to all treasury related matters.
  • Liaising with external stakeholders, Malaysian Pharmacist's Society (MPS) to handle all treasury related matters.
  • Involved treasury related matters for Malaysian Healthcare Students Alliance.
  • Managing MyPSA EasyParcel.

7. What are MyPSA Project Officer's main jobscopes?

  • Supervising MyPSA National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (NPSC).
  • Supervising MyPSA National Gathering of Pharmacy Students (NoGAPS).
  • Planning and conducting MHSA Interprofessional Forum and Social Gathering.
  • Planning and conducting ExCo Events under Project Office.
  • Preparing documentation of events.
  • Handling MyPSA Best Society Award, Best Student Award and Best Organizing Committee Award.

8. What are MyPSA Professional Development Officer's main jobscopes?

  • Supervising 2 National Events under MyPSA; MyPSA National Pharmacy Challenge (NPC) and National Pharmacy Debate Competition (NPDC).
  • Planning and conducting ExCo Events such as workshops, webinars and competitions to enhance pharmacy professional skills under Professional Development Office.

9. What are MyPSA Education Officer's main jobscopes?

  • Supervising MyPSA National Pharmacy Research Competition (NPRC)
  • Creating educational infographics, videos to educate pharmacy students.
  • Organising Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) Quizzes, Educational Visit, as well as educational workshops, webinars and quizzes.

10. What are MyPSA Public Health Officer's main jobscopes?

  • Incharge of Public Health Events, Local Vampire Cup, and Humanitarian Project
  • Monitoring and supervising Public Health Campaigns.
  • Producing Public Health in 4 minutes video.
  • Conducting Public Health Campaign Challenges annually.
  • Conducting smoking cessation project.

11. What are MyPSA Entrepreneurship Officer's main jobscopes?

  • Designing, producing and selling merchandise of MyPSA to provide a good branding for MyPSA.
  • The duty of logistics of Inventory and inventory control are also part of jobscopes under MyPSA.
  • Organising a series of activities to incorporate the mindset of a successful entrepreneur to all pharmacy students, including Entrepreneurship Month and Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP).

12. What are MyPSA Student Exchange Officer's main jobscopes?

  • Hosting Student Exchange Programmes.
  • Promoting Malaysia SEP to international students.
  • Communicating with local students to assist them in applying SEP as well as communicating with international students and other countries’ SEO in accepting their internship in Malaysia.

13. What are MyPSA Publication Officer's main jobscopes?

  • Preparing all the official MyPSA branding assets such as organisation chart, ExCos profile picture and banner for social media.
  • Preparing and producing MyPSA TV and also an annual newsletter in order to summarise MyPSA events in video.

14. What are MyPSA Multimedia Officer's main jobscopes?

  • Promoting MyPSA online brand awareness.
  • Managing and updating MyPSA social media account which consists of Facebook (Group and Page), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Linktree.
  • Maintaining and updating the official MyPSA website.

15. What are MyPSA Networking Officer's main jobscopes?

  • Marketing MyPSA and its activities to external parties to obtain more recognition.
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with external parties, for example, corporate

    companies and other student bodies.

  • Harnessing good relationships with other parties helps in expanding our reputation and enabling us to seek assistance from other parties for future programs or operations.

16. What are MyPSA Advocacy Officer's main jobscopes?

  • Advocating the welfare of Pharmacy students from the release of press statements as well in many ways to increase public awareness and to take action on the problems that arise.
  • Organizing events/talks/forums that could help students to have a clearer understanding on future career pathways they are always wondering of such as annual events Pharmacy Graduate Career Forum (PGCF) and Career Talks Shows.
  • Organising workshops to aid students in equipping more skills as well as having better preparation for the forensic exam such as Qualifying Examination to Practice Pharmacy Workshop and Policy Writing Workshop.

1. What are the requirements to become a MyPSA subcommittee?

To be a Subcommittee, you have to be a MyPSA member with a valid membership number. You may enquire about the status of your membership with your university’s Contact Persons. Then, you will need to fill in an online application form and answer a few simple questions. The Subcommittees of each Office will be picked by each Officer personally.

2. When will the next subcommittee recruitment be held?

The next Subcommittee recruitment will be held around November - December, after the MyPSA Extraordinary General Meeting is held.

1. How to apply for MyPSA membership?

To apply for MyPSA membership, you need to approach the Contact Person of your local society. Then, fill in your personal details in the spreadsheet provided and pay the fees. New membership numbers will be distributed after the registration is processed.

2. How to renew MyPSA membership?

The procedures of renewing MyPSA membership are the same as applying for MyPSA membership.

3. How to apply for MyPSA Fresh graduate membership?

You can apply for the MyPSA Fresh Graduate Membership by contacting MyPSA Secretary II by emailing

4. How to check for MyPSA membership numbers?

MyPSA members can simply check their membership number through the Membership Checker on MyPSA website or by contacting MyPSA Secretary II by emailing

1. Where can i get the latest news and updates on MyPSA national events?

Please feel free to follow the social media accounts of each national event to not miss out on any updates for these events! These accounts will be the only official platform used for their respective future MyPSA national event updates, regardless of tenure.

MyPSA National Gathering Pharmacy Students (NoGAPS)

Instagram: @mypsa.nogaps

Facebook: MyPSA NoGAPS

MyPSA National Pharmacy Sports Competition (NPSC)

Instagram: @mypsa.npsc

Facebook: MyPSA NPSC

MyPSA National Pharmacy Competition (NPC)

Instagram: @mypsa.npc

Facebook: MyPSA NPC

MyPSA National Pharmacy Debate Competition (NPDC)

Instagram: @mypsa.npdc

Facebook: MyPSA NPDC

MyPSA National Pharmacy Research Competition (NPRC)

Instagram: @mypsa.nprc

Facebook: MyPSA NPRC

2. What are the three events under the National Pharmacy Competition (NPC)?

The three (3) events under National Pharmacy Competition (NPC) are Piala Aishah Compounding Challenge (PA), Pharmacy Quiz Challenge (QC) and Clinical Pharmacy Challenge (CC).

1. What is the IPSF-APRO Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS)?

Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS) is a regional annual symposium organized by IPSF APRO. This symposium is attended by 300-400 pharmacy students and young pharmacists each year from all over the Asia Pacific region. These activities include workshops, symposiums, competitions, and many more.

2. What is the IPSF World Congress?

World Congress is another annual event organised by the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF). It is co-organised by one of the member organisations under the Federation, with the Chairperson being elected in the General Assembly held annually.

3. What is the difference between the World Congress and Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS)?

Both World Congress and APPS are almost similar, the only difference is the target participants of World Congress are all over the world, whereas the APPS are held by the Regional Office (Asia Pacific) and the time zones are spanning across the Asia Pacific Region. The bidder of World Congress can be of any regional offices, while the bidder of APPS can be on

4. When will Student Exchange Program (SEP) be organized and who is eligible to participate?

SEP will be organized twice a year which are Winter SEP (October to March) and Summer SEP (April to September). To participate, you will have to be the member of IPSF . You are automatically registered as IPSF member if you have MyPSA membership.

5. What are the procedures to apply for SEP?

You may refer to this video to understand in detail of the procedure: [Student Exchange Programme (SEP) Registration and Placement Guideline]

1. What is PHCC?

Public Health Campaign Challenge or also known as PHCC is a competition between local societies presenting and showcasing Public Health Campaign that they did. Best Presenter Award and Best PHC Award will be awarded to the local societies that meets the criteria. This year, 14 universities are taking part in Public Health Campaigns.

2. What is Pharmacy Graduate Career Forum (PGCF)?

The annual event handled by the Networking Officer includes the annual Pharmacy Graduate Career Forum (PGCF), which serves as a platform in building relationships with external parties and pharmacy students. As a Networking Officer, you might need to seek opportunities for image branding continuously.

1. What are the benefits of joining Case Clerking Workshop?

  • Enhance case clerking skills of pharmacy students.
  • Equip students with basic etiology and pathophysiology of specific diseases.
  • Share experiences of professional healthcare providers in accurately presenting the condition of patients with appropriate physical assessment.
  • Understand the role of drug therapy in managing the disease related to the patient's diagnosis.
  • To develop the confidence of students in being a more competent pharmacist in the future.
  • To enable the students to have a better overview of the obstacles faced by the pharmacists.

2. What is a Patient Counselling Event (PCE)?

Patient Counselling Event (PCE) is a competition that offers the exposure of students toward the patient simulation case in a more fun and interactive manner. This competition is aimed to equip the students with therapeutic solving and counselling skills so that they can become a more competent pharmacy in the future.

3. What are the benefits of joining Industry Skills Event (ISE)?

  • To promote healthy competition in terms of industrial knowledge among pharmacy students nationwide.
  • To develop pharmacy students’ critical thinking and evaluation skills on industrial pharmacy.
  • To increase the competency and quality of pharmacy students by assessing their knowledge on the industrial field.

4. What is a Clinical Skills Event (CSE)?

Clinical Skills Event (CSE) is a competition type event which is used to increase the exposure of clinical scenarios to pharmacy students throughout Malaysia. This will subsequently encourage the students to know the usage of various medicines available at different clinical situations. Participants will be competing in a friendly environment by applying their knowledge in reviewing patient’s information and current therapy, identifying and solving drug related problems as well as recommending a pharmaceutical care plan.

5. What are Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) Quiz?

Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) Quiz has been one of the flagship events under the Education Office, which aims to raise pharmacy students’ awareness towards Clinical Practice Guideline Malaysia.

6. How often is Qualifying Examination to Practice Pharmacy Online Workshop (QEW) held and is it open for year 3 and year 4 pharmacy students only?

Qualifying Examination to Practice Pharmacy Online Workshop (QEW) is open to all Pharmacy students from year 1 to year 4. It is held two times in March and June, annually.

1. How do other companies collaborate with MyPSA?

External collaborators who are interested in collaborating with MyPSA may approach MyPSA President by emailing

2. What is Malaysian Healthcare Students Alliance (MHSA)?

Malaysian Healthcare Students Alliance (MHSA), a collaboration of Malaysian Dental Students' Association (MDSA), Malaysian Medics International (MMI), and Malaysian Pharmacy Students' Association (MyPSA).

3. What is MHSA Interprofessional Forum and Social Gathering?

MHSA Interprofessional Forum and Social Gathering is an event that creates a collaborative environment for speakers from Dental, Medical and Pharmacy fields to discuss and share their experiences and perspectives on the topic. At the same time, allowing dentistry, medicine and pharmacy students to build relationships through activities prepared.

4. What is MyPSA Top University Participants?

MyPSA Top University Participants is an award offered to one (1) most active members from each local society under MyPSA.

5. What is MyPSA Best Award?

MyPSA Best Award comprises three awards which are the MyPSA Best Local Society Award, MyPSA Best Student Award and MyPSA Best Organizing Committee Award.

6. What is MyPSA EasyParcel?

EasyParcel is a web-based parcel consolidator which allows us to know the prices and the available courier companies. It’s used to handle parcel delivery for MyPSA Internal Events with a discounted price to reduce expenses. However, recently the service is also made available to MyPSA National Events.

7. What is MyPSA TV?

MyPSA TV is an initiative to update MyPSA annual or national events to public and MyPSA members in TV news style video. Let’s get a look on it: MyPSA TV YouTube Playlist

8. Where can I get MyPSA annual newsletter?

You can get MyPSA annual newsletter through MyPSA Annual Newsletter. Also, for your information, MyPSA annual newsletter may be published around the end of every tenure.