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Student Exchange Program

It is our honour to welcome all of you for SEP in Malaysia. Malaysia is an exotic land chock-full of historical, cultural and natural wealth. Indeed, our beautiful cities, friendly people and rich multicultural performances have promoted Malaysia worldwide. We offer world-class pharmacy facilities and you will definitely have a fantastic and fulfilling pharmacy experience here! So, what are you waiting for? Do come and challenge yourself for an exchange in Malaysia.

We have approximately 25 seats every year that offer community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and research setting. It will be conducted during Summer (July to August) for minimum 2 weeks of stay and up to 3 months based on your preferable duration.

For accommodation, we will help you to find best place for you to stay depending on your budget (hostel, hotel, guesthouse). We usually will treat our guests with weekend trip to various landmarks of Malaysia. It is the golden chance for your to discover the beauty of this country, deliciousness of its foods, and unique multiple culture and style Malaysia has to offer!

For further details on previous SEP in Malaysia, please have a look on our Facebook and Instagram page. You can get to see and witness the fun experiences that the international students had!

Petronas Twin Tower – Kuala Lumpur