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Pharmacists’ Role : Provide Pharmaceutical Care

  • Pharmacists play an important role in healthcare delivery
  • Over the years, the role of pharmacists have shifted from product-oriented to patient-oriented
  • It is a direct, responsible provision of medication-related care
  • End goal of a pharmacist is to improve individual patient’s quality of life through achievement of definite medication-related therapeutics outcomes.

Roles of pharmacists in different sectors :


(a) Manufacturing

  • Control quality of medicines to ensure their quality and safety
  • Revamp drug manufacturing processes to lower cost of medicines
  • Involve in research and development

(b) Marketing

  • Introduce and educate healthcare providers on new treatment options


  • Provide professional advices on best choice of medicines for each patient
  • Manage the inventory to ensure continuous supply of medicines
  • Fill the patients’ prescriptions
  • Formulate policies and treatment guidelines within hospitals
  • Target diseases management in hospital


  • Provide dispensing services
  • Manage minor ailments such as cough and cold
  • Provide smoking cessation counselling and weight management services
  • Give advices on supplements and vitamins
  • Promote public health
  • Educate patients on drug usage


  • Find new cures for untreated illness or medicines with less side effects for the benefit of patient
  • Play various roles from designing or implementing protocols to conducting of trials
  • Study or compare effectiveness and safety of new medicines before it’s launch into market


  • Play a pivotal role in educating future generations of pharmacists
  • Engaging in research activities


  • Formulate and implements healthcare policies and protocols
  • Prepare new drug applications
  • Safeguard the import and registration of medicines and medical devices


  • Educate public on health and medicine use
  • Write pharmaceutical articles
  • Prepare brochure for health campaign

Page created by Jin Ying, University of Malaya, Metamorphosis 2021 participant