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MyPSA Metamorphosis 2.0

MyPSA Metamorphosis


Metamorphosis is an initiative organized by of Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA) with the main objective of building up pharmacy leaders throughout Malaysia. Metamorphosis 2019 - Ignite Changes, Ignite Leaders, being the 2nd time since its initiation by MyPSA President in 2018, wishes to provide various opportunities for pharmacy students to develop and boost their leadership and interpersonal skills.

Metamorphosis 2019 is an 8 months program consisting of a three-phase set up: Introduction, Mentorship and Appraisal. Phase One included a series of talks, workshops and team-building games that allowed individuals to discover their own personalities and strengths as well as kinds of leadership.

There were four main focus areas: Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Management and Public Relations. Phase Two focused on developing the individual’s skill set with the help of a mentor selected for them. In contrast, Phase Three was an execution phase. This program allowed direct interactions between participants with leaders from different pharmaceutical sectors and provided a perfect platform for participants to enhance individual strength, and improve soft skills as well as leadership skills.


Phase 1: Introductory Phase

Over the course of three days, from April 5th to April 7th 2019, the event was packed with a series of engaging activities. On Day 1, the event commenced at 4:00 p.m. with registration and a prayer session, followed by ice-breaking games and an informative briefing. Participants had the chance to introduce themselves at 5:30 p.m. after which dinner and Solat (prayer) were held at 6:30 p.m. The first day concluded with a captivating talk by the Management Speaker at 7:30 pm.

Day 2 started early with committee members preparing, and at 8:30 a.m., registration and breakfast were available. The morning featured activities like warming up exercises and a presentation from the Public Relations Speaker. After a team bonding game and lunch, the Communication Speaker took the stage at 2:00 p.m. The evening was filled with a SMART session, presentation preparations, and SMART presentations, concluding at 9:00 p.m.

Finally, Day 3 began with more preparations, followed by breakfast, warming up activities, and a GROW session by Alan. Participants were briefed about phase 2 at 11:00 a.m., and the day wrapped up with a film taking session at 1:30 p.m.


"If you guide your people from point A to B, you're a manager, but if you guide them and add value to their lives, you're a leader"


Dr. Chong Chin Pin

Speaker on Management


"Effective communication is the key to success"

Yeow Shiau Hueh

Speaker on Communication


"A good PR candidate does good advertising, an excellent PR candidate can get someone else to advertise for them automatically"

Seah Chung Yi (Bryan)

Speaker on Public Relations

Phase 2: Execution Phase

Phase 2 marks a pivotal transition in the Metamorphosis 2.0 journey, as participants shift from theory to the practical realm of leadership development. During this phase, participants will be deeply immersed in the planning and execution of their selected MyPSA projects, an undertaking that promises to be a hands-on and transformative experience. To support them in this endeavor, each participant group will be paired with two experienced mentors, who may include MyPSA ExCo members or alumni. These mentors will act as trusted guides, providing invaluable guidance and coaching throughout the entirety of this phase.

The practical experience gained during Phase 2 holds great significance in the participants' journey toward leadership mastery. It allows them to apply the leadership concepts and skills they've acquired, refining and reinforcing their abilities through real-world application. This hands-on involvement will undoubtedly shape them into effective and capable leaders who are well-prepared to tackle challenges in the future.

In order to ensure that the projects progress smoothly and are aligned with the provided timeline, each group will be led by two dedicated facilitators. The facilitators play a crucial role in monitoring the group's advancement, offering support and motivation, and making certain that all necessary documents and deliverables are submitted punctually to the mentors.

Regular communication and oversight are key to the success of Phase 2. To facilitate this, monthly meetings will be thoughtfully organized for every group. These gatherings provide a platform for participants to share updates on their progress, discuss challenges, and seek advice. The collective wisdom and shared experiences during these meetings serve to enrich the learning journey and foster a sense of camaraderie among participants, mentors, and facilitators. Phase 2 thus encapsulates the essence of experiential leadership development, equipping participants with the practical skills and insights they need to excel in their chosen fields and contribute meaningfully to the pharmacy community and beyond.


In the Metamorphosis Program, we believe that personalized mentor-ship is one of the key factors that could lift someone to the next level in a growth process.

During phase 2 of the program, Dr. Chong Chin Pin, the treasurer of the MPS Young Pharmacist Chapter, and Mr. Seah Chung Yi (Bryan) the immediate past president of the Malaysian Pharmacy Students' Association (MyPSA) are 2 of our mentors.

Dr Chong is guiding Shannon Lip, Heng Yong Chuan, Ang lrene Goh Jia Ean and Wong Wei Ying, while Mr Bryan is guiding Ashley Lee Hui Ying Bryan Tan and Angeline Lee.

With such commitment from both mentors and men-tees, they have definitely learnt from each other during this 6 month period.

Phase 3: Reflective Phase

In Phase 3 of the program, the organizers faced an unexpected challenge as they were unable to conduct a physical meeting for all the participants, as originally planned in the proposal. However, they adapted and found an alternative way to ensure that the participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and feelings after the eight-month program. Instead of in-person gatherings, the participants were requested to submit video presentations and program reflection reports. These submissions served as evidence of their active involvement in the execution phase of the program. The submitted videos and reports were then thoroughly reviewed by the program committee and mentors. This adjustment not only allowed participants to reflect on their journeys but also ensured that their contributions and experiences were acknowledged and assessed, highlighting the flexibility and adaptability of the program's organizers in the face of unforeseen challenges.