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MyPSA Metamorphosis 5.0

MyPSA Metamorphosis


In 2018, an ambitious initiative known as Metamorphosis was conceived and put into action by the President of the Malaysian Pharmacy Students' Association (MyPSA). The aim was to foster the growth of leadership skills among Malaysian pharmacy students. As Metamorphosis evolved into its 5.0 edition, it steadfastly remained committed to providing pharmacy students with a multitude of opportunities that primarily revolve around the enhancement of their leadership abilities, alongside the cultivation of various other crucial interpersonal skills.

The overarching theme for Metamorphosis 5.0 was aptly named "Reigniting the Flame," symbolizing a resurgence of passion, purpose, and dedication within the pharmacy community. This transformative journey was structured into three distinct phases, spanning from April to August 2023. The initial phase served as a vital introduction, setting the stage for the subsequent phases, which included the Execution phase, where participants put their skills into practice, and the Reflective phase, encouraging self-evaluation and continuous growth. Metamorphosis 5.0 promised to be a profound and transformative experience for all involved, fostering the development of not only exceptional pharmacists but also future leaders in the field.


Phase 1: Introductory Phase

Phase 1 represents the foundational stage of this transformative journey, encompassing a two-day camp designed to introduce participants to essential leadership concepts and qualities. The phase commenced with a spirited bonding session, fostering connections not only between participants but also with the dedicated committee members. This initial camaraderie paved the way for an enlightening series of sharing sessions. These sessions delved into pivotal topics, including effective communication, the art of collaboration, the power of critical thinking, and the spark of creativity.

In parallel, a range of hands-on workshops and team-building activities unfolded, allowing participants to put their newfound knowledge into practice. These experiences served a dual purpose, offering an opportunity for participants to identify their personal traits, strengths, and areas for development.As Day 2 draws to a close, participants are given the valuable opportunity to explore potential mentors and their projects, categorized under distinct leadership traits.

In a dynamic and engaging process, participants then undertake the challenge of "pitching" to the mentors, articulating why they are the ideal candidates for their chosen projects. While mentors possessed the ultimate authority to select their project mentees, they must also consider the priorities of participants who have expressed interest in their projects. This phase sets the stage for the personalized mentorship and hands-on leadership development that participants will experience in the subsequent phases of the Metamorphosis 5.0 journey.

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Phase 2: Execution Phase

Phase 2 marks a pivotal transition in the Metamorphosis 5.0 journey, as participants shift from theory to the practical realm of leadership development. During this phase, participants were deeply immersed in the planning and execution of their selected MyPSA projects. To support them in this endeavor, each participant group was paired with two experienced mentors, who may include MyPSA ExCo members or alumni. These mentors acted as trusted guides, providing invaluable guidance and coaching throughout the entirety of this phase.

The practical experience gained during Phase 2 holds great significance in the participants' journey toward leadership mastery. It allowed them to apply the leadership concepts and skills they've acquired, refining and reinforcing their abilities through real-world application.


Phase 3: Reflective Phase

Phase 3 stands as the culminating moment of the Metamorphosis 5.0 journey, where participants came together in a symbolic and inspiring physical meeting held at the Malaysian Pharmacists Society (MPS) Building. This gathering served as a reflective and celebratory platform, allowing each participant to share their profound and transformative journey.

The atmosphere is charged with a palpable sense of accomplishment and camaraderie as stories of triumph, challenges overcome, and personal growth are exchanged. It's a powerful moment where participants not only reflect on their individual journeys but also collectively acknowledge the shared growth and bonds formed throughout the event.

The physical meeting in the MPS Building serves as a testimony to the significance of this transformative leadership development program, emphasizing the tangible results achieved by each participant. As they shared their stories, participants inspired and motivated each other, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. Phase 3, in its essence, encapsulates the collective spirit of growth, learning, and community that Metamorphosis 5.0 has engendered, leaving a lasting impact on the participants and strengthening the bonds within the pharmacy community.

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