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MyPSA Metamorphosis 4.0

MyPSA Metamorphosis

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Metamorphosis 4.0 is a leadership programme comprising 3 phases in 5 months. The programme serves to raise more junior pharmacy students into capable leaders in their community. The main objective of this activity is to provide pharmacy students with the opportunity to develop leadership, interpersonal, and soft skills to collaborate more
effectively in a team.


Due to the COVID-19 situation being endemic, the team had adapted a different approach to the programme compared to previous years. The programme structure was split into 3 phases which are Introductory, Execution and Reflection. Phase 1 and phase 2 (Introductory and Execution) were conducted virtually while phase 3 (Reflection) was conducted physically. The participants were expected to attend the first phase of online training and then participants were split into respective projects for the following 3 months in the execution phase. The execution phase is a collaborative effort with mentors
invited from MyPSA current committees and previous committees.

Lastly, the programme ended with a reflection phase, where participants were expected to present the
learning process in phase 2 via a physical gathering in the MPS building on 16th July 2022.

Metamorphosis 4.0 was held starting from 18th February 2022 – 16th July 2022.


Phase 1: Introductory Phase

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Phase I was organized on the 18th of February to the 20th of February 2022. It was organized in the span of 3 days virtually on the Zoom platform.

On the first day, the opening ceremony began at 5.00 p.m. which concludes the Recitation of al-Fatihah and prayer by one of our committees, Muhammad Firdaus bin Mohd Rosli, opening remarks by MyPSA President, Lai Yue Jiun and the opening remarks by Metamorphosis 4.0 Chair, Lim Yi Xuan. An opening video and the briefing of Metamorphosis 4.0 Phase I begins right after.

An ice breaking session and mingle session has been organized to get to know the Metamorphosis 4.0 participants with the help of the committees. At 6.00 p.m, the participants get a break for their dinner session and return after an hour and half for the talk with the first speaker of Metamorphosis 4.0 Phase I.

After the enthusiastic talk, the participants were given 5 minutes of Q & A session and were given a 15-minute break before the first workshop session started to stimulate the participants regarding the knowledge they gained. After the speaker has been given a Token of Appreciation, the briefing of Day 2 starts followed by a photo session before the first day of Metamorphosis 4.0 Phase I comes to an end.

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On the second day of Phase I, 19th of February, the participants entered the Zoom meeting by 8.50 a.m. before the start of the event. A warm-up session was initiated for the participants followed by the second talk of the day.

The participants were given a 15-minute break before the second workshop of the day starts. A LinkedIn workshop has been slotted into the day to help the participants in building their profile online. The third
talk of the day occurred with its workshop before the participants were being given another break and Leadership Activities began for the participants to collaborate and work in a team.

The fourth talk of the day started, followed by the workshop and the participants were then excused to have their dinner session. Special Activities leads the participants to open up about their feelings, strengths and weaknesses regarding their participation in Metamorphosis 4.0. The day ended with a briefing for the third day which concluded the pitching session, the case simulation and a photo session.


On the third day of Phase I, a warm up activity starts the day with the participants. Case simulation 1 and 2 are being given to the participants to stimulate their leadership skills and their collaboration and teamwork as a practice for the future projects. Pitching session follows for the participants to pitch their Phase II projects. That indicates the end of Phase I.


Phase 2: Execution Phase

Phase II lasted for 4 months. A short bonding session was organized by the committees in May for the participants to bond with their mentor.

Project team members and mentors meet up regularly to update the progress of the project and have some bonding sessions together. Mentors and facilitators utilise online meetings to provide their guidance to the metamorphosis participants.

Upon the completion of projects, some groups continued to have master classes conducted by the mentors. Pre-U Junior Webinar team and Speaking team held a mini debate competition in the month of June.


Phase 3: Reflective Phase

Metamorphosis 4.0 Phase III was organized physically with the participants arriving at the MPS building at 9.30 in the morning.

There was a welcoming remark given by the MyPSA President to congratulate on everyone’s journey to the end of Metamorphosis 4.0. A group sharing session was presented by the participants regarding the process and the hardship of the participants on their Phase II projects.

A speech was given to the participants by the main sponsor, Mr. Alan from bioVERSA to inspire the participants to be the best pharmacists they can be in the future. Participants continued the day with games and a chit chat session where the participants get to share what they learn from participating in the event.

At the end of the day, the closing ceremony of Metamorphosis 4.0 starts with a recitation of al-Fatihah and prayer, and closing remarks by Metamorphosis 4.0 Chair, Lim Yi Xuan.  A show of appreciation video was made and group photos were taken with the committees indicating the end of Metamorphosis 4.0.