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MyPSA YEP 2022

MyPSA Young Entrepreneur Program


Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) is an initiative organized by the Entrepreneurship Office with the aim of introducing the general idea and concept of entrepreneurship and inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship among pharmacy students. MyPSA YEP 2022 was conducted physically for 3 days and 2 nights at MPS Building (Puchong) from 12th August 2022 to 14th August 2022.

The theme of this year is “Prospering Post-Pandemic”, inspiring participants to come out with ideas about any
products, services, and technology that would spark a great business opportunity after a pandemic.

Various activities were organized in this event, including four workshops, mentoring sessions, team-building games and pitching competitions.


DAY 1:

The event was started on 12th August 2022 with opening ceremony and welcoming speech by MyPSA President, Mr. Lai Yue Jiun.  On the first day, three team building games (“Ice-breaker Bingo”, “Candy Game” and “Pick a side”) were played during the ice breaking session. This was then followed by Workshop 1: 'Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas' by Mr. Lai Jun Hua. Each group proceeded with group discussion of their business model ideas afterwards.

Registration & Opening Ceremony


Ice Breaking Session


Workshop 1


DAY 2:

On the second day, the participants played “Sawadee Kap” and “Money Magic and the companion worksheet” after taking their breakfast. Day 2 continued with Workshop 2: 'The Art of Pitching' by Ms. Kang Cheng Hui was to share the participants some tips when pitching their ideas to the investors.

Team Building


Workshop 2


For the mentoring session, Mr. Lim Lip Jinn and Mr. Ng Shih Siang were invited as mentors who guided the participants for the pitching competition in MyPSA YEP 2022 and shared with them some tips and tricks of pitching an idea to potential investors. The mentors were also interviewed by our participants for them to learn more about entrepreneurship and be inspired by their experiences. After having their lunch, they continued with Workshop 3 : 'Market Validation and Marketing' by Mr. Lim Lip Jinn followed by team building games.

Discussion & Interview Session


Workshop 3


Before having their dinner and maghrib prayers, games like “The Mine Field” and “Customer Seller Role Play” were played.  At night, the participants had the final workshop, Workshop 4: 'Entrepreneurship Post Pandemic: The Trend and How Does it Affect Us?' by Mr. Max Thum to tell the participants how the COVID-19 pandemic affected pharmacists and the trends of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. Day 2 was also ended after the participants had their group discussion for pitching competition preparation.

Workshop 4


DAY 3:

Day 3 of MyPSA YEP was the day where the participants had their pitching competition. Beforehand, games like “Name that song”, “Back to back drawing” and “Harm you more than I can say” were played before the participants had their final group discussion for the pitching competition.

The participants who were grouped into three groups presented their business ideas in front of the judges and the judges invited were Dr. Choe Tong Seng, Mr. John Yeo and Ms. Carmen Chooi. The participants had presented their ideas in 10 minutes and had a Q&A session for 5 minutes.

Pitching Competition


The closing ceremony was held at 2.30pm with speech of  the event director, main sponsor’s representative, platinum sponsor’s representative and MyPSA President. Proceeding with prize giving ceremony, the winners of the Pitching Competition were Team A consisting of Danissha A/P Siva Kumar (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia), Carlos Chin Hon Lim (University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus) and Hwang Jia Le (Universiti Sains Malaysia).

Closing Ceremony


Congratulations to all the organising committees and participants for successing MyPSA YEP 2022! May all participants gain useful knowledge and experiences regarding entrepreneurship from this program.