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MyPSA YEP 2021

MyPSA Young Entrepreneur Program


MyPSA YEP is an initiative organized by the Entrepreneurship Office with the aim to introduce the general idea of entrepreneurship and to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among pharmacy students. The core concept of YEP lies in the business proposal presented in the pitching competition to inspire the students’ ability in introducing, promoting and persuading investors in the future.

MyPSA YEP 2021 is conducted online on Zoom platform with the theme of Ignite creativity. Boundless innovation. Better tomorrow. The planning of YEP started with the submission of proposal to MyPSA followed by the initiative of committees searching for workshops speakers, mentors, pitching judges and also sponsorships. Every participant has found the 3 days event to be fruitful and the event went smoothly with the commitment and passion of every committee.

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DAY 1:

The event was started on 21st May 2021 with opening ceremony and welcoming speech by MyPSA president. Then, the participants had been separated randomly into breakout rooms for ice-breaking session. This was then followed by Workshop 1: Value Proposition Canvas conducted by Mr. Kevin Ben Laurence and Workshop 2: Business Model Canvas conducted by Mr. John Yeoh Keh Hau. Both of the speakers from workshops 1 & 2 conduct hands-on activity with the participants by guiding them on the business model canvas. After the tea break and asar prayer, the participants met their mentors in separate break out rooms where each mentors will be guiding 2 groups. At night, the participants had their Workshop 3: Market Validation with Mr. Lim Lip Jinn. Day 1 was ended after the participants had their group discussion in the break-out rooms.

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DAY 2:

Day 2 of MyPSA YEP was kicked off by Workshop 4: Pitching Skills conducted by Mr. Yong Wei Shian followed by a hands-on activity. After learning the pitching skills from Mr. Yong, the participants were allowed to have their own group discussion. After having their lunch, they had been assigned to different break-out rooms again for mini-games sessions. Workshop 5: Marketing was then conducted by Mr. Cheah Chong Sheng followed by a mentor mentee session before dinner time. At night, the participants had a personality tests session with Mr. John Yeoh Keh Hau to help them in understanding their own personalities. Day 2 was also ended after the participants had their group discussion in the break-out rooms.

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DAY 3:

Day 3 of MyPSA YEP was the day where the participants had their pitching competition. Each group was given 5 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes for QnA by the judges. After completing all 8 groups’ pitching, the participants an judges are allowed to share their thoughts regarding thisthree days event. Then, it was followed by a closing ceremony which was streaming live on Facebook. The event director, main sponsor’s representative, platinum sponsor’s representative and MyPSA president have given a speech during the closing ceremony. Then, it is the winners announcing time. Cash vouchers and cash prizes were given to champion, first-runner up, second runner up and the best speaker. Before the end of event, all participants, judges, mentors, speakers and committees had a photography session to commemorate this wonderful event.

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