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MyPSA National Pharmacy Competition

The MyPSA National Pharmacy Competition (NPC) is an annual event under Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA) which involves twenty (20) pharmacy students’ societies in Malaysia. MyPSA NPC consists of three (3) challenges,namely Piala Aishah Compounding Challenge (PA), Pharmacy Quiz Challenge (QC) and Clinical Pharmacy Challenge (CC).

Piala Aishah Compounding Challenge (PA) is a competition that provides a platform for the pharmacy students throughout Malaysia as well as from other countries to compete healthily and demonstrate students’ level of competence in compounding and clinical knowledge.

Pharmacy Quiz Challenge (QC) was formerly known as Rx Quiz Challenge (Rx Quiz). QC is a competition that acts as an excellent platform and golden opportunity to elevate the quality and competency among students in an effort to become competent pharmacists in the future. This competition will also encourage students to become more knowledge-oriented rather than exam-oriented. We hope that with cooperation and collaboration.

Clinical Pharmacy Challenge (CC) was formerly known as National Clinical Pharmacy Challenge (NCPC) in the past. CC has an objective to develop students’ critical thinking, evaluation and justification skills in the clinical field.