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MyPSA National Pharmacy Sports Carnival

MyPSA National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (NPSC) is an annual event for pharmacy students in Malaysia that collaborate with MyPSA which involving students from various pharmacy schools in Malaysia. The establishment of MyPSA NPSC was in 2008, which many university and college had taking part to join. The increasing number of universities that started to join the MyPSA NPSC from time to time shows that this event is highly recognized by the pharmacy schools in Malaysia. This event was introduce to the pharmacy student to create a platform for them to build rapport between them and also to unleashed their talents in sports. This event is one of the ways to promote camaraderie and friendship while aiming to become champions. It is also known to be one of the most awaiting events for every pharmacy schools every year. By hoping this event will be continue by generation and to be the most knowing carnivals in Malaysia, we are working towards giving the best that we can to make this event better from time to time.