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64th IPSF World Congress 2018

World Congress


The 64th IPSF World Congress of the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF) will take place from 30 July to 8 August in Mendoza, Argentina. This year’s theme is "FROM LAB TO COUNTER: The Different Pharmacists' Profiles And Their Constant Contribution To Global Health".

In 2016, in the General Assembly celebrated during the 62nd IPSF World Congress in Harare, Zimbabwe, the Asociación de Estudiantes de Farmacia de la República Argentina (AEFRA) was chosen by the official delegates from all the participating countries (by unanimous vote) to host the 64th IPSF World Congress, to be held in 2018 in Mendoza city.

This accomplishment means an enormous improvement for the pharmacy students from our country and from the southamerican region. Since, it is the first time in IPSF history that this prestigious event will take place in South America, it will allow the internationalization of education and formation of the future pharmacists, which has vital importance considering the new challenges that health area will need to face. In addition, it will be an event where the international cooperation will be promoted as the keystone of any solution, as well as the innovation in science, industry and drug management.

The 64th IPSF World Congress in Mendoza - Argentina, will count with conferences lectured by international and national speakers of excellence in their fields, workshops, round tables on specific topics, Public Health Campaigns, scientific posters exhibition and student presentations, Patient counselling and Clinical skills events.

Furthermore, there will be an IPSF previous activity called Leaders in Training, which main objective is to foment the leadership spirit and teamwork. Also, after the congress, it will be carried out a Post Congress Tour which aims to show the natural and cultural wonders of Argentina.

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Pharmacy will embrace you and these memories will reamin engraved to your mind forever. Nothing but deep thanks to everyone who joint the dream! It would not have been the same without you all. The dream is over, is time to for life being special and magical again. We love you so much! Vive la pharmacie!

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